A subsidiary of Frasers Property (Thailand) Public Company limited (“FPT”), originally known as TICON Industrial Connection PCL, Frasers Property Industrial (Thailand) Company Limited (“FPIT”) is a leading seamless provider of industrial property in Thailand (“TICON”).

The company manages a large portfolio of factories and warehouses totalling more than 3 million square metres in prime locations around the country and offers comprehensive development of industrial properties. The Company’s projects are accessible at more than 50 key strategic sites throughout Thailand, including the country’s major industrial estates, industrial parks, industrial promotion zones, logistic parks, and free-trade zones. To satisfy all customer needs, FPIT offers ready-built industrial properties in a range of sizes and specifications. The company also provides built-to-suit development services with a number of successfully completed flagship projects. Our top-notch properties are created with the following criteria: green building certifications and standards are emerging as one of the major businesses in sustainability development.

Warehouse for rent in Ayutthaya

  1. Examine your storage use

Some landlords use a specific method to calculate square footage. Verify their calculations and the information they’re including to make sure they’re accurate. Ideally, you should only pay for the space that is actually occupied by you, or your available square feet. While some landlords would measure from the outside of the Warehouse for rent in Rayong , others will try to include the area underneath the building’s drip lines.

You must also take cubic square footage into account in addition to the factory’s available square footage. The ceiling height is relevant in this situation. Make sure you have enough vertical space if you need to stack objects, cartons, or pallets. There is no reason to pay rent if you don’t need stacking space with an elevated ceiling

  1. Zoning

Zones are created on a municipality’s land in order to promote urban expansion and development. The kinds of establishments and properties that are permitted are governed by zones. They may be industrial, commercial, or residential.

It is crucial to take into account the location and zone of your potential home. Industrial lease rates can be less expensive.

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